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Sedation Dentistry in Amsterdam-West: iSmile

Research has shown that no less than 40% of Dutch people have some anxiety around visiting the dentist. The Amsterdam-West sedation dentist is trained to work with patients who are dealing with anxiety. Our friendly, professional dentists will explain the specific check-up or treatment process step-by-step, so you know exactly what to expect. Focusing on your personal needs as a patient is central to this. We also offer the following unique treatment methods:

  • Nitrous oxide sedation
  • Light anaesthesia
  • Calming pills

Nitrous oxide will help alleviate any feelings of anxiety by keeping you calm and relaxed. This gas, which can be administered to adults and children, can be used for minor procedures such as fillings as well as more complex treatment, such as wisdom tooth extraction and implants. Light anaesthesia is a good option for patients suffering from extreme anxiety. An experienced anaesthetist will supervise while our dentist performs treatment, after which you can relax.


Heel vriendelijk personeel, die rustig blijft en zijn tijd neemt voor de cliënten. Ze behandelen de angst patiënten ontzettend goed. Ik ben zelf heel bang dus ik heb een narcosebehandeling gehad die mij heel goed is bevallen.

About sedation dentist Leena Ibrahim

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T: 020 218 4257

Frequently asked questions about Sedation Dentistry

Are there any risks associated with nitrous oxide sedation?

There are no risks associated with nitrous oxide sedation, provided the treatment is performed by a specialized fear dentist. We occasionally use nitrous oxide on anxious patients to calm them down so that we can carry out the treatment. So you remain conscious, but do not feel any tension or agitation.

How do I know if my dentist is an anxiety dentist?

An anxiety dentist takes enough time for your appointment. We will talk about your fear of dentistry and how it arose. We would also like to know how your fear manifests itself, so that we can create a personalized treatment plan. As a fear dentist, we create a trusting relationship between dentist and patient, which allows us to slowly eliminate your dental fear.

Does treatment with a fear dentist cost more than with a regular dentist?

No. We apply the same costs for a treatment with our fear dentist. We can offer this customized treatment at the same rate as a regular dental treatment, because the costs are determined by the Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit (NZa). In our rate overviewyou can find the rates of frequently performed treatments by our fear dentist.

Can I go back to doing everything after a light anesthesia treatment?

Light anesthesia is a little more invasive than treatment with nitrous oxide. We therefore perform this treatment only on extremely frightened patients and under strict supervision of anesthesiologists. After the light anesthesia we let you recover quietly. Under your own supervision you can go home in peace.

What can I expect from an anxiety dentist?

An anxiety dentist has a different working method than a regular dentist. If you suspect that you suffer from dental anxiety, it is a good idea to make an appointment with a specialist fear dentist. During the intake we will discuss your fear. A fear dentist really takes the time to listen to you and your fear. Once a relationship of trust has been established, we will work on eliminating your fear of the dentist. Treatments by a fear dentist not only provide fear and pain free treatments, we also strive to reduce your fear to an acceptable level.

What can I do if my child suffers from dental anxiety?

By teaching children from an early age that dental treatment is not scary, we can prevent dental anxiety in many cases. However, sometimes children have become afraid of the dentist because of a bad experience. For these children, we have engaged a children's dentist

How does a treatment by the fear dentist work?

A treatment by a fear dentist starts with your own preparation. By carefully considering what you do and absolutely do not want, we can draw up a personal treatment plan to reduce your fear of dentistry. During an introduction we discuss all aspects of your fear of the dentist. During the treatments we use a stop signal if you want. For larger procedures you can opt for a nitrous oxide sedation or light anesthesia. After the treatment we will discuss how you experienced it and what the next steps will be. Treatment by a fear dentist is completely focused on what you do and do not want.

Where does my fear of the dentist come from?

Dental fear often develops during childhood. Things like the sound of the drill, the smell of the treatment room and unpleasant experiences from the past can cause sweat to form on your forehead. 40% of the Dutch population is afraid of the dentist. Patients who are afraid of the dentist often say that the thought of painful treatment or losing control causes them to postpone a dental appointment. By introducing children to a specialized children's dentist at an early age, we can nip dental anxiety in the bud. Treatment by the fear dentist then becomes a lot less scary.

Accessibility of the practices

Our practices in Amsterdam West and Zuid are easy to reach by car, bicycle or public transport. Aren’t you a patient yet? Then sign up immediately.

Amsterdam West

We are located at the Hoofdweg 576 in Amsterdam West. Next to our practice is the beautiful Erasmus park. You can reach us easily by car, bicycle and public transport. You can park your car in the Bos & Lommerplantsoen parking or in the Mobypark - Zahia's parking garage. If you come by train, get off at Amsterdam Sloterdijk station. From there you can take the streetcars and buses listed below to get to our practice.

Erasmusgracht stop:

  • Tram 7
  • Bus 15

Amsterdam, Bos en Lommerplein stop:

  • Tram 7
  • Bus 15, 247, 398

Amsterdam Zuid

Visit our practice in Amsterdam Zuid at Lutmastraat 15H. 1072 JL. Are you coming by bike? Within fifteen minutes from Central Station you can reach our location. You can park your bike across the road in the bike racks. You can park your car in the street. From Central Station you can take various metros and streetcars to get to us:

De Pijp stop:

  • Metro 52

Cornelis Troostplein stop:

  • Tram 4 en 12

Make an appointment with the fear dentist in Amsterdam

Make an appointment directly with the fear dentist at iSmile Dental Practice. We can be reached at 020 218 4257 or send an email to

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Opening hours iSmile Lutmastraat

Maandag:08.30 - 17.00
Dinsdag:08.30 - 17.00
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